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我总是在你身后 怎么用英语翻译

I will always be behind you. 这里不能少了动词be I'm always behind you. 这两个时态都可以

我一直在你身后. I am always behind you. 希望可以帮到你 望采纳

英语是:I'll stand by you all the time. 句子解释: stand by 英[stænd bai] 美[stænd baɪ] [词典] 支持; 准备行动; 信守诺言; 站在旁边; [例句]British and American warships are standing by to evacuate their citizens if...

“你是那么遥不可及,我永远只能在你的身后" “you are that remote may not and, I forever can only in you after death” 或 "You are so far away, I'll only be behind you" 或 "You are so unreachable, I never can behind you."

I am always waiting for you and mi ssi n g you wherever you are I am right behind you

Wherever you are , I will be alway behind you.

if the whole world betray you ,then i will stand behind you to betray the world .

Brother, I will always accompany you silently behind you(来自金山词霸在线)

I will always back you up by your side.

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