我会永远陪着你 I will be with you forever.不能掉了永远还有几个;I can keep you forever !I will keep you company forever!网络意义 I will accompany you to the last。

“我会永远陪着你”用英文可以这样说: I will be with you forever. 或者 I will accompany you for all eternity.

I will always accompany you no matter when.

A lifetime is very short I want you to accompany me all the time, have you in my side forever not sad, love you

Brother, I will always accompany you silently behind you(来自金山词霸在线)

if one day you get tired ,please come to me (come to my place),and I'll accompany with you just in silence . No out-of-date in my sentence .

我会 | 一手食指指自己。 永远 | (一)双手打手指字母“Y”的指式,掌心相对,在胸前交替向前转动。(二)一手拇指置于食指根部,食指伸直向前方移动。 在 | 一手伸出拇、小指,坐于另一手掌心上。 你 | 一手食指指向对方。 身边 | 一手五指并拢...

我会像月亮一样永远陪着你: I will accompany you forever just like the moon. 我觉得这样翻译比较地道,有问题请追问 、 希望及时采纳—— ♥ 多谢 ⌒_⌒

Each step we take in future will leave a solid foot print , Knowing ,cherishing and supporting each other every day, Never forget the pledge sworn mutually, I will be on your side forever.

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