为了不影响交货期. 翻译英文: In order not to affect the good delivery date.

订单,避免延误预计的交货期的翻译是:Order, to avoid delays in the expected lead time

翻译如下 最快的交货期为9月 The fastest delivery date is September

新订单的交货期大约为7月20号 The delivery date of new orders is approximately on July 20.

为了避免耽误交货期 to avoid delaying the delivery time/schedule. 交货期:the delivery time /schedule

避免影响后续订单交期问题 Avoid the issue of subsequent order delivery

交货期的翻译是:Date of delivery

交货期已经非常近了 The delivery date is very close

会更加注重交期以及产品质量的翻译是:Will pay more attention to delivery and product quality

如果原厂维持交期不变 If the original factory remains unchanged

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