为了不影响交货期. 翻译英文: In order not to affect the good delivery date.

为了避免耽误交货期 to avoid delaying the delivery time/schedule. 交货期:the delivery time /schedule

避免影响后续订单交期问题 Avoid the issue of subsequent order delivery

新订单的交货期大约为7月20号 The delivery date of new orders is approximately on July 20.

请确认一下交货期,并回复 翻译: Please confirm the delivery date and reply

交货期太短了 The delivery date is too short

我将会跟进并确认交期可以准时的翻译是:I will follow up and confirm delivery is on time

由于交货期时间非常紧迫 Because the delivery time is very urgent

交货期以合同规定的时间为准 翻译: The delivery time is subject to the time stipulated in the contract

对于我们来说,这个交期太赶 翻译是: For us, the delivery date is too fast.

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