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你在我心中是最棒的 用英语怎么说?

这句话感情很强烈,可以翻译:You are the BEST in my heart! BEST大写是突出中文中最棒的感情色彩。

Nobody can take your place in my heart

you are the best in my heart forever! Our love will stay through the years and ive through the good and bad. It will last forever. 我们的爱将永恒存在. Baby, my love for you grows with each passing day. I never thought it's poss...

You are in my heart

翻译如下: 你在我心中永远是最好的!不管怎样! You are always the best in my heart! Anyway!

You are the only one in my heart.

You're the only one in my heart. You're the only one who has my heart. My heart only you one person unique.

You are always the  champion in my heart.

You are the most perfect in my heart.

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