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你一直在我心里,未曾离开过 用英文怎么翻译

You are in my heart all the time ,never be away. 或You are in my heart forever(永远)........................

You have been in my heart never left


I always have you in my heart

Dein Platz ist tief in meinem Herzen

you are in my heart all the time,nothing weigher than you.Only imagine that l will have you in my future l am afraid of nothing.

baby, you are always within my heart.

I will always be in your heart. 这是最标准的翻译了,希望能对你有所帮助、

可以考虑这样说: “No matter when and where, you are always on my mind!” 意思是: 无论何时何地,你都永远在我的心里! 希望帮到你。

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