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你一直在我心里,未曾离开过 用英文怎么翻译

You are in my heart all the time ,never be away. 或You are in my heart forever(永远)........................


You continuously in me at heart You have been in my heart


You're always in my heart, you are the whole world to me.

you are in my heart all the time,nothing weigher than you.Only imagine that l will have you in my future l am afraid of nothing.

原来你一直在我心里未曾变过It turns out that you have never changed in my heart. So you always in my heart never changed before.

待翻译内容:《你的好我会永远记得,你也一直住在我心里,不管现在未来》 翻译后内容:The good I will always remember you, you also have lived in my heart, no matter now the future" 网络翻译,仅供参考!

I will always be in your heart. 这是最标准的翻译了,希望能对你有所帮助、

"You are in my heart the most important position, because I still care, but you don't know I love."

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