Even if we broke up, but my heart will always belong to you

Touch the heart and say,this always belong to you.

You are I can not forget the girl, my heart belongs to you forever

我永远属于你。I forever belongs to you 。I am always yours。I will be yours forever。I am forever yours。

from now on, my heart will always be your port.

Nothing can belong to you for ever. What is only loyal to you is just yourself. are my NO.1 always be my NO.13.In perpetuity,you are the NO.1 in my heart were ,are and will be my no.1(这个语法可能不太标准,但是比较浪漫,就是说,你从前,现在,将来都是我心中的第一)

记得你说过 我永远是你心里最重要的那一个 同样你也是我心里最重要的那一个 Remember that you said I was always the most important one in your heart.

虽然我们不能永远在一起,但和你的每一分每一秒 我也会珍惜 Although we can not be together forever, but with you every minute and I will cherish.

i may not be able to give you the entire world, this starry sky nevertheless belongs to you forever

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