我的心永远有个位置是是属于你, 英文: My heart will always have a position is belong to you

英语:My heart will be always belong to you only日语:私の心に永远にはただあなただけに属する 韩语:제 마음 을 영원히 당신 만 에 속 했 다法语:Mon cœur vous appartient uniquement à jamais

Darling,my heart is always belonging to you. 用现在进行时表示感情色彩.

我永远属于你。I forever belongs to you 。I am always yours。I will be yours forever。I am forever yours。

from now on, my heart will always be your port.

Nothing can belong to you for ever. What is only loyal to you is just yourself.

楼上的是中文式的英语 你是我永远的好朋友应该是 You are my life-long friend. forever,这个词是副词,不适合,这儿

My heart only belong to you, my world only you a person, I will have been waiting for you, never let you go

my eternal princess, from the beginning till the end。

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