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栽恬吭鯰咏慕嶄議匯鞘三鍬咎 俶勣嶄咎哂(咀葎短...

Make the funds provided by Party B enter and remit safely. The two parties set up foreign-invested cooperative companies and set up foreign exchange accounts.

栽恬亅咏慕 議晩囂頁査恬亅咏慕 がっさくきょうぎしょ 栽恬困っさくいこう 亅咏慕困ょうぎしょ 袁牽 亅薦┐ょうりょくフレ`ム栽吭慕┐瓦Δい靴脾 崇尺壓晩囂戦匆傍怏み、徽厚謹仇聞喘フレ`ム

^栽恬吭鯤蕁詠池囂 1. a letter of intent to cooperate 2. Letter of intent 3. cooperation intention agreement. 箭鞘 1. 禰協栽恬吭鯰咏慕。 Sign the cooperation intention agreement. 2. 厘断曾社巷望選俸阻匯芸書定議栽恬吭鯤...

哂囂鍬咎A才B祥栽恬並卷兜化器撹吭鰌眈篁尉Ω痴劔 English translation A and B on the initial agreement to achieve the intention of this sentence should be how


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