侭僚議hardcopy頁犇墫softcopy遇冱議。 hardcopy祥頁峺厮将嬉咫竃栖議猟亀辛參鍬咎撹唹咫云 sofycopy祥頁峺窮徨猟亀。萩戻住乎戻咏議曾芸圻兵唹咫猟周。

I have sent up my documents, luckily, I know that all the documents have been sent back to them except mine. I have handed in my documents, forturnately, I know that all the documents have been returned to them except mine.


the databases behind the groupware network then correlate the information input in different ways. 隼朔利大蛤周朔中議方象垂參音揖議圭塀嚥侭補秘議佚連犢愾。

壅徙聾心心基宛議鍬咎編彭音個延吭房遇恷酒晒。 低氏窟崙篳逆鞘三議吭房頁 親僥卆正噐...徽厚卆正... 哂猟井祥頁Science,depends far less on ... than on ... 凪糞燕中吭房頁 親僥卆正...曳卆正...富載謹 徽頁鍬咎議簒宝祥壓噐音徽勣...

萩逸厘心匯和宸匯鞘三鍬咎撹嶄猟頁焚担吭房議哂囂鍬咎頁Please help me to see what this sentence means in translating into Chinese.

in fact, there is almost no hard evidence for midlife crisis other than a few small pilot studies conducted decades ago. 鞘徨寄吭妻楕吃錬茅阻叱噴定念序佩議叱醫々翊J垉穡仂訊翌叱窄短嗤焚担鳩壺議屬象辛參屬苧嶄定裡字議贋壓。...

To be, or not to be: that is the question. 緩鞘竃徭逼平曳冉議兆恬ゞ込跳跡蒙〃。 朔猟葎 To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether is nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take...

^寄部頁燕幣撰嘆賜恊彰議峺各  ̄犁詠旃囂議 lady。^箔光了寄部鍬咎匯和宸鞘三 ̄ 祥頁汝箔光了溺平鍬咎匯和宸鞘三喘哂囂傍頁 I beg each of the ladies to translate this sentence.

1宸頁咀葎冲指鴇処音運抜心軟栖餮運軌咀緩匆俯群繁云栖頁運繁徽心軟栖音運侭參嘉垓垓音泌淵繁。 2音頁低粍夕焚担椿仁匳喘`緊¨公低議慕妍軟兆。

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