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帮忙把这句话翻译成英文 我永远支持你,你一定要幸...

I will support you forever and you are sure to be happy. I will back you forever and I believe you are sure to be happy.

honey,happy birthday!!wishing your career step higher and higher.wishing our family live a happy life forever. 仅供参考

很高兴为你解答。这是我自己翻译的。这个句子必须要用到从句。结构比较精炼。As for life, is there anything else happier than to find a companion who can accompany with you to grow old along their mate? 人生,还有什么比找到一个能陪...

韩语大致意思: 오빠,또 나이 한살 먹었네요~(哥哥,你有长大一岁了喔~)오빠의 팬으로써 엄청 자랑&...

我希望你永远幸福快乐! 英文:I hope you'll be happy forever!

All the misfortunes of a man's life are not brave enough. 男人一生中所有的不幸都是因为不够勇敢

Hope mom and dad in good health,Wish your family happy happiness forever

I don't believe it, don't believe in evil, don't believe in happiness, but I believe you.

I (do起强调) sincerely wish (all) my family members (to be) healthy, safe and sound besides happy. I hope my family members are healthy, safe and sound besides happy. 供参


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