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帮忙把这句话翻译成英文 我永远支持你,你一定要幸...

I will support you forever and you are sure to be happy. I will back you forever and I believe you are sure to be happy.

荣幸之至 Proud to be 我们非常荣幸/荣幸之至能去参加这个宴会。 It would give as great/ the greatest of pleasure to attend to banquet. 2 我受邀至此向诸位演讲,感到荣幸之至。 It's an honor to be asked to come here and speak to you...


No matter what difficulties have to keep a smile, because you never know who is falling in love with you smile

You've got to promise me that you will be happy. 虽然稍显不忠实原文,但个人觉得加上前面的主句会显得更合理些。

honey,happy birthday!!wishing your career step higher and higher.wishing our family live a happy life forever. 仅供参考

1.祝你永远幸福快乐. I wish you happiness forever. 2.愿幸福快乐永远围绕着你 May happiness always surround you. "幸福"和"快乐"都是happiness.

You are my best dear baby forever.

韩语大致意思: 오빠,또 나이 한살 먹었네요~(哥哥,你有长大一岁了喔~)오빠의 팬으로써 엄청 자랑&...

何其幸运遇见你 与尔相遇,三生有幸。

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