“你是那么遥不可及,我永远只能在你的身后" “you are that remote may not and, I forever can only in you after death” 或 "You are so far away, I'll only be behind you" 或 "You are so unreachable, I never can behind you."

you just like a dream faraway from me

love out of reach

你好! 但这一份爱却是那样遥不可及 But this love is so far away

So far away from our dreams

1.for my untouched dream 2.for my unrealistic dream

Are you really out of reach for me? 或者 Are you really unreachable for me?

i've got a dream, despite/although this dream is far away from me, but i'll chase it w/ my entire life

剑是凶器,剑术是你看着我,我看起来不幸吗?很可怜吗? 我没有疼爱我的父母,他们没有可以

一份钱买两碗面,你真可以呀!先尝尝一碗再说: 《So far away》Nick Carter 遥不可及 So far, so far, so far away So far, so far, so far...

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