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在我心里你是最棒的, 所以要永不言弃.翻译成英语

你好! 仅供参考! I will never give up since you are the best in my heart。

Come on!! You can be the best!Believe in yourself and please don't give up. 加油,你会是最棒的!相信你自己,请不要放弃。 Come on!(加油!) You can be the best!(你会是最棒的!) Believe in yourself/Trust yourself,and never give up(相...

德语:Nie aufgeben 英语:never give up 俄语:Никогда не сдаваться 法语:Ne jamais abandonner 韩语:절대 포기 希伯来语:לעולם לא לוות—...

三种英译如下: 1. The Heart Of The Game ( 电影名或者歌曲名:永不言弃) 2. Never Say Never . 3. Never say give up.

楼上的明显不对 Persevere in everything we do and never give up

我们应该坚持自己的理想永不放弃. We should adhere to our dreams and never give up. We should stick to our dreams and never give up. 希望可以帮到你 望采纳

Keep moving,to the world's end Never say die, until the time rest 供参考!短而实用!

不是机器的,放心: It‘s not only his talent, cuteness(cute 是形容词),but his sprit of persistence . 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

shand up,never never give up!

You and me in time

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