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英语翻译 在欢送会上,我们共进晚餐之后,谈论各自...

After dinner we talked at the farewell party blessing for you sent out their respective ideals, and had a good time together.

翻译如下: How is your school? Pretty good. There is a beautiful playground and Library in my school. What about you? Not bad. There are many girls in our school.

都在谈论各自的英语学习方法? 请问您的问题是什么? 请描述清楚 否则没有办法帮您解答

在欢送会上,我们共进晚餐之后,谈论各自的理想并为你送出祝福,共同.度过美好时光。 At the farewell party, we had dinner together, talked about their ideals and gave you a blessing, together had a good time。

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