I'll keep my feeling for you inside my heart and make it last forever, yet you're never going to know.

you'll live in my soul forever~ 用我把你藏在心底不如说你会永远活在我的心中(灵魂深处)

"埋在心底"用英文怎么说,初二水平 It is buried at the bottom of your heart. It is entombed at the internal depth of your heart.

Love buried in the bottom of my heart

I wanna say you are the brightest light for me, which I can only hide deeply inside my heart.

The dried up old memories,which were buried in the deepest bottom of my heart,surely will be re-awakened someday.

呵护我们的已经,埋在心底。 翻译成英文是:Who has taken care of us, it has been buried in the bottom of our heart. 重点词汇释义: Who 谁;什么人;关系代词,有先行词;孰 taken care of 呵护;照顾 has been 已经 buried 掩埋; 埋葬( b...

百度客户端 翻译 When you put pressure buried in the bottom of my heart, he will be more exercise, why not talk with my parents about

为您解答 be deeply buried at the bottom of one's heart

你好! 把思念埋在心底 Bury my thoughts in the bottom of my heart

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